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Say What?

Adtomica is an independent marketing agency HQ’d in Singapore working for markets across Asia-Pacific. We connect with people through delightful digital experiences, using the right channels at the right time.

Keepin’ it real

With a human focused approach, we identify & create brand stories that resonate with people in ways they love the most.

Street smart

Uninhibited thinking. Great ideas need to be created freely. There are no rules or formulas or meticulously complicated planning. We are people who understand the nuances of society’s underbelly, and express them, cultivated by the collective experiences of the party.

Tech to connect

The digital world calls for a transformation. A new way of thinking, of doing, of creating, of behaving. We know – that’s why people are so distracted and yet such high achievers. We wield the power of tech to create a brand-new consumer experience.

We love it simple.

Just like your consumers.


People, product, place, price – these basic principles hold true even today (don’t let those consultants tell you otherwise). We create activities around these 4Ps in a way that work and can be executed today.


We’re in this line because we love delighting our consumers by creating experiences that put a little wonderment in their everyday lives. Our method? A little quirkiness, a little creativity.


Attracting consumers is the only way to create business, and business is the only way we can create even better consumer experiences. If it doesn’t drive ROI, we’re not driving value – that’s the business acumen we hold true in every project we do.


Our team believes in a tech-driven world. ‘nuff said. With over 200 partners in tech innovation globally, we know all the shortcuts like the back of our hands.


Adtomica started with a belief that we can advocate the message of sustainability, and one day collectively change the trajectory of humankind. Meet us and you’ll understand more.

01 Connecting India

A nation billion strong with technology penetrating a vast majority, India heads towards a digitised future. We understand this audience & connect at a cognitive level to create value driven experiences that matter.

02 Moving Singapore

A country divided and united by one word: Can. Understanding the complex yet astoundingly simple ways Singaporeans communicate means we always speak in a language they call home.

Technology partners

Technology partners

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