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Creative trends drawin’ buzz in 2023

In a world of forgettable fads, some trends reflect a fearless attempt of constraints and clichés being upended for the sake of something fresh. Because imagine how boring life would be if creativity didn’t evolve.

In 2023, some styles from across the decades will get a second life. A few experiments will replace the old with new. Things that are important will stay important. From the supernatural to the retro, let’s look at creative trends that might be drawing buzz this year:

  • Psychic Waves: Get ready to tap into your spiritual side, as psychic waves take the world by storm. From astrology to tarot readings, people are more interested than ever in tapping into their intuition and exploring the metaphysical. Brands will stay winnin’ in 2023 by incorporating mystical imagery and symbolism into campaigns, or by tapping into the popularity of wellness and self-care.


  • Real revolution: In 2023, we’re celebrating candid and unvarnished moments! People are tired of airbrushed perfection. We’re moving towards embracing imperfection and authenticity. Whether it’s showing off diverse body types or highlighting marginalised communities, brands that embrace realness will stand out in a sea of perfection.


  • Retro Active: Welcome to the new age, to the new age. We’re retro-active, retro-active. Inspired by Gen Z creators who are obsessed with all things Y2K and 90s, the retro trend is set to take over 2023. Think bright colours, chunky sneakers, and lots of nostalgia. Brands can hop onto this bandwagon by incorporating retro-inspired graphics and colour schemes into their campaigns. 

  • Interactive Storytelling: As technology continues to evolve, so does the way we tell stories. In 2023, we expect to see more brands adopting interactive storytelling, whether it’s through virtual reality experiences or choose-your-own-adventure style campaigns.

  • Bold Colours: In 2023, we’re expecting to see a shift towards bold and vibrant colours, as opposed to muted and neutral tones that have been popular in the recent years. Brands can integrate bright and eye-catching hues into their branding and marketing campaigns to adopt this trend. 

What other trends do you think will gain popularity in 2023? DM us and let’s talk, we don’t bite!