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Marketing Mo(m)dified

May is the month of moms, the controllers of all domestic purchases, CFOs of the home-zoos, rockstars of the cradles and founders of the I-could-have-made-this-at-home club.

It was Mother’s Day on May 14. Brand names were changed, love was delivered and moms were (finally) given a break, all by brands who understood the assignment.

As a tribute to the queens of our lives, brands got creative and tapped into universal insights, and here are our favourite campaign picks!

1) Zomato Mazoto (because mom always comes first!)

While Zomato is a cult-favourite food delivery platform in India, it miiiiight not be a mom favourite. Because what do you mean you want to order noodles, what’s wrong with the home-cooked bottle gourd? So, to get on their good side, Zomato let moms modify their app’s interface with a humorous twist. They also included promocodes like ‘CLEANROOM25’.

Check out the campaign here

2) Amazon’s #DeliverTheLove

We’re good kids. But let’s be real, sometimes, we do take our moms for granted. Through this ad, Amazon made us emotional, and reach for the phone to give our moms a call! She keeps finding excuses to be near us, and we found an excuse to let her know we love her!

Check out the campaign here

3) Coach 2023 Mother’s Day Campaign featuring J-Lo

This Mother’s Day, COACH celebrated all moms of the world with a special ad campaign starring Jennifer Lopez. She has long been a symbol of feminine strength and energy, and through this campaign, she shared her insights on motherhood as a twin-mom. Photographed and directed by Joshua Woods, J-Lo was captured holding The Coach’s Tabby and Rogue bags with floral embellishments.

Check out the campaign here

Which one of these are your favourites? DM us, let’s ideate together for Mother’s Day 2024!