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Abhay Kaul

Weight Lifter, Creative Thinker

He is the Creative Director and co-founder of Adtomica. Before kick-starting his entrepreneur journey, he worked with several agencies such as Zeno Group and FoxyMoron to name a few. In that time, he developed creative communications for several global brands.

Every conversation you have with Abhay is a mini Ted talk. He loves motivating people and building them up. A true leader who is patient and kind. But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies with him, he is also the evil mind behind getting everyone drunk on great alcohol and music while sitting across the table and smirking.

With an eye for design, Abhay’s work involves determining the creative vision of a brand or project and manifests that vision through
digital, print or film. The job is to maintain a cohesive look and feel of a project by ensuring the visuals, messaging or interactive and motion designs are on point.

Fun Fact: A Fitness Fanatic, who lives to work out. He knows all the dialogues of Khosla ka Ghosla (Hindi movie) by heart. He takes the best pictures so if you’re around him, make him click you.

Brands worked on: Netflix, Avon, Under Armour, Levi’s and Lenovo

Regions worked for: APAC, United States