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Abhinav Jarwal

Visual Dreamer, Graffiti Artist

Lives by the saying, “Art is my therapy.” Our design intern who loves creating art. It has acted as a “therapy” for him for years now. Has learnt to implement his love of art into the design aspect of things. Graffiti in particular has had a high influence on him. Can sketch and make really cool illustrations, hit him up if you need one made for yourself! Writes journals and is also a motorcycle enthusiast, often rides to work on his bike. If you ever find him upset or feeling low, feed him a waffle. Going on late night walks to calm his mind while listening to “Coldplay” is a part of his daily routine.

Fun Fact: May or may not be the definition of a vandal.

Brands worked on: Special Olympics, Alt. Pizza, Green Monster, Amazon, AlphaGen, Wizly, NCS, Fat Mario, St+art India

Regions worked for: APAC