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Anshika Kathuria

Full-Time Narcissist, Part-Time Writer

She’s our Creative Copywriter. Has an attention span of a goldfish. She will have good advice to offer 11 out of 10 times but will hardly ever implement it on herself. Has a quote for every situation. Can sleep all day and still be tired, can eat all day and still be hungry. 

Dream job – Carrie’s from Sex and the City. Will get very deep for no reason and talk about the meaning and purpose of life. Loves to buy books but will ignore every opportunity to read them. 

Has a knack for writing, finding undiscovered music and dressing up at 2 am just because. Her humor swings between self-depreciation and God complex, there is no in-between. Will not start talking if she’s not comfortable around you, won’t stop if she is. Amazing (self-proclaimed) singer, despite what her friends, family (absolutely anyone she sang in front of) will have you believe. 

“People like me don’t write books. We’re written about.” -Chuck Bass. Except she writes too. Really doesn’t get better than this.

Fun Fact: Cleans for fun.

Brands worked on: Bytedance, Times Internet, AlphaGen Learning, Human Race Asia Pacific, Johnson and Johnson, Fortis Hospital

Regions worked for: APAC