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Anurag Hakeem

Creative, Tech-Savvy, Die-hard Liverpool FC Fan

Creative technologist for Adtomica, Anurag understands working in an agile and vibrant environment where he has taken care of brand strategy, website development, offline design, social design, augmented reality and machine learning.

Few of his best works entail the website for Special Olympics APAC and Culture Group. While working on these he made sure to evaluate how users feel about and use a platform; while looking at things like ease of use, utility, and efficiency in performing tasks. Anurag packs the energy of Gen Z and combines it with his old school ideals to deliver the best product possible.

Fun Fact: Anurag has held the Barclays Premier League trophy.

Brands worked on: HP, Netflix Global, Altria, General Electric, ModicareJohnson & Johnson, Special Olympics, Artisan Boulangerie Co, Alt Pizza, Green Monster, AlphaGen, SmartronVuclip, Droom, MTV, Unocal, LiveNutriFit, Orane, ClassHopIndicolourAhopLabour Solutions, Mediacorp

Regions worked for: APAC, USA