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Deghpreet Kaur Lamba

Party Starter, Show Stopper

A free spirit full of love, life and unchannelized energy. Puts people before herself. Perfect fit for the role of Adtomica’s ‘Client Success Executive.’ Always on her toes making sure all our deadlines are met, while constantly coming up with crazy ideas and games to bring the team closer is an unsaid part of Deghpreet’s job profile. In a bad mood? Don’t worry, she’s got a silly story to cheer you up. Always. 

You’ll see her dancing around the room making work seem fun. Get ready to be charmed with her confidence, charisma and infectious energy. Remember that girl who got up on the DJ console at a party and danced the night away? Oh, that was Deghpreet. 

Our in-house chatterbox who’s candid, unfiltered and will light up your day with her smile. 

Loves adventure sports but could not kill a cockroach to save her life.  

Weakness- Cinnamon donuts. Relationship status- In a committed relationship with Biryani.

Fun Fact: Feels claustrophobic inside shoes. Challenge her on any Bollywood/Punjabi rap and she’d surprise you. Her PR in sleeping- 28 hours.

Brands worked on: Bennett Coleman and Co, Times Internet, Pee Safe, Radio Mirchi, BW Businessworld Magazine, GICW, Special Olympics Asia Pacific, AlphaGen Learning

Regions worked for: APAC