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Jivraj Kohli

Year-Long Santa, Tipsy Bartender

Perhaps the only Pandora’s box you’d want to open, Jivraj is the Client Success Executive at Adtomica. At first, he comes across as a poised and well-behaved man. But the more you talk to him, you’ll find out that he’s this 14-year-old overly excited boy who just cannot SHUT UP! He often cracks lame Dad jokes to make sure everybody around him has a good laugh.

He loves people and human interaction. If put in a room full of strangers, he comes out with family. If you party with him, you’d have the best cocktails, blurry vision and a faded memory. He is one of the few people in the world who can drink 10 shots and do 100 push-ups. This talent of his is sure to take him to great places….like the Olympics?

A non-dancer who loves to dance and so to avoid embarrassment he pulls everybody to the dance floor.

Fun Fact: Only wears funny socks. Probably the only Hyderabadi who has never eaten rice his entire life. On an unrelated note (or probably not), he is 6’2″. 

Brands worked on: Airtel, Monster Energy, Mahindra & Mahindra, Canon, Make My Trip, Logitech, Western Digital, Times Internet, BCCI, Wizly, Edvanza

Regions worked for: APAC