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Via Appia Antica,
224, 00179 Roma, Italy
+1 312 749 8649

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Srishti Raina

Big Art Enthusiast, Sincere Book Hoarder

Srishti is a designer, an artist, a reader, a self portrait photographer and a conversationalist.

Extremely prim and proper and will look for aesthetics in every corner. A very good listener but absolutely hates phone calls. She is the kind of person who loves sitting in cafés, with her dot book and cold brew, making botanical illustrations. Hellish picky about her food, (or we’d say in all aspects) but can survive on lasagne for the rest of her life.

A typical ambivert, she will bend over backwards if she’s fond of you. Won’t even try if she isn’t. Loves her music, she is a sucker for jazz, classic rock and blues. Perks of being friends with Srishti include getting all her share of desserts because she absolutely doesn’t have a sweet tooth!

Fun Fact: Cannot cook or ride a bicycle to save her life but is qualified to examine your retina.

Brands worked on: Human Race Asia Pacific, Alt. Pizza, Green Monster, Wizly, Artisan Boulangerie Co., Fat Mario, Woo Dating App

Regions worked for: APAC