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Aditya Kanathala

Art Lover, Sweet Talker

AKA Adi, is a photography and film consultant at Adtomica. He loves his art, literature, travel & photography. A complete design enthusiast who firmly believes that innovative designs (technology, human interaction, lifestyle) make our planet safer and better.

He joined Intel in 2012 as a part of the advanced leadership program. In the past 7 years, he worked in different areas of marketing including Digital, Social, Brand & Content Strategy.

A soft-spoken design genius. Adi’s presence is sure to make you smile. Prior to joining Intel, he worked as a Quality Consultant at Google for about a year, where he primarily worked on their Google Playstore division covering data quality operations. His background is in Computer Science – human-computer interaction & MBA in marketing & communications.

Fun Fact: Adi has collaborated with India’s renowned photographers – Ashish Parmar, Ramana KV, & Bapu across events like Kingfisher Oktoberfest – Bangalore, 2014 & Multiple Tele Films in Telugu Film Industry, Hyderabad and was also world top 5% on Leaderboard – Pixoto 2014.

Brands worked on: Google and Intel

Regions worked for: Global