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Building a monstrously likable brand – Green Monster

A couple of months back, you wouldn’t have found us eating a lot of greens. Not that we don’t eat healthy, because we do. It’s just that greens make us squirm. However, Green Monster changed that for us and many like us. 

Green Monster creates salads that are both healthy and hearty. Every green and grain bowl is designed in both quality and quantity to complement delicious toppings handpicked and freshly prepared. Scrumptious, tender proteins from the hot stoves should give a satisfying mmmhm once the meal is done. 

So what’s the mantra for Green Monster? Salads that delight!

The salads are packed with tender and juicy proteins, stacked with fresh and nutritious superfoods.

We want it fresh, we want it hearty, and most of all – we want it tasty!

Green Monster exists to give you salads you can look forward to at every delivery. Every salad combination promises you the best ingredients at the best value, especially if you do it yourself. 



Don’t just take our word, take on the bowls!

With it’s brand communication, we’re focusing on bringing each ingredient to life through a story.

Go see their story for yourself, here:


Have a look at what the customers had to say: