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Capturing the Spirit of Special Olympics Asia Pacific!


Special Olympics Asia Pacific (SOAP) has procured an important spot in our heart that no one can replace. As a company, we believe in taking up clients who don’t just fill a retainer but fill our Souls. Being in the industry for a long time now, we believe that there’s nothing more fulfilling than supporting and promoting the brands you believe in. 

When we came on board with SOAP, we were told that we would have to cover an event called Youth Summit where Athletes from all over the world will come and talk about specific issues. This year, they were coming to talk about topics like Bullying, Mental Health and employability for people with Intellectual disabilities.

Special Olympics recognises the active and vital role that young people with and without intellectual disabilities can play in achieving their long-term goals of inclusion, acceptance and respect for people with intellectual disabilities. They aim to tap on the leadership capacity of young people of all skills and strengths, provide them with useful tools and training to create classroom and community activities.

Held in Singapore from 2 to 4 December, Youth for Inclusion 2019 provided a platform for around 120 young people from 14 Asia Pacific countries with and without intellectual disabilities aged 14 – 25 years old, to better understand the challenges that people with intellectual disabilities faced and how together they could build a safe and inclusive society for everyone.

Being around these athletes we have realized how important it is for these stories to be heard and this is exactly what we have tried to achieve through the different formats of video content we have and are still creating for them that includes the 10-second portraits to showcases the true, raw emotions of these athletes.

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