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Everyone has a story to tell

We just need to start listening.

We recently ran a communications workshop with Special Olympics. They had 13 people from all walks of life, from all over Asia fly down to Singapore to learn how to run digital marketing campaigns. 

We thought it was going to be just another day. 


We were completely, utterly wrong. 


Everyone in that room were there with a purpose, a passion to make a difference in lives. In their own languages, their own experiences, they could define these experiences through sketches on pen and paper. Tears were shed in that room as people started to open up about their lives and the journeys they took to reach where they were.


It was then our duty to help them tell these stories in a format that would resonate with the audiences on social media. 


Enter the team – Adi, an international award-winning photographer, Jess (me) – a wannabe videographer, Abhay, our Creative Director and award-winning designer, and Poorva, a content strategist who is a part-time musician. 


Here’s a TL;DR version of the workshop (you can also request for materials here!).


    1. Photography is capturing light and time.
    2. Simply put, these things create a great photograph:

      How to make a great photograph
    3. Tips for making great photos:

      1. Golden rule
      2. Movement of Eye
      3. Leading lines
    4. How you can make a great video:

Tips for creating videos

    1. Great design is about space, the hero and the sidekick. 
    2. Stories come to life when you are able to bring it all together:

Expanding stories

  1. Use tech! Because software is intelligent today. Here are the apps we recommend:

    1. Photography – Snapseed
    2. Videography – AdobeSpark, Quik Video
    3. Design – Adobe XD, Canva
    4. Copywriting – the Adtomica engine 😉 

Reach out to understand more about how you can too, make a great story with only your mobile device.