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Exploring the Alternative life – ALT Pizza


Every once in a while, a brand comes that resonates with your personality. This is precisely what ALT is for us. If ALT Pizza were a human, it would be our brother from another mother or sister from another mister. It has literally taken a pizza my heart. (See what we did there?)

Alt. is a contemporary pizza restaurant serving Singapore’s top-ranked pizzas. They offer mouth-watering starters, innovative Signature pizzas and their famous “Design-It-Yourself” option, with an infinite number of unique pizza combinations.

The dough for their pizza is freshly kneaded daily from a blend of French sourced flour and their award-winning sauce pressed from California Saporito vine-ripened tomatoes. Also, when you order, each pizza is made from scratch. Yes, you heard that right.

So when ALT became part of our client list, we already knew what we had to do first – Go try all the PIZZAS! And that is exactly what we did. After dying and going to food heaven a couple of times and coming back to try more, we realised that everyone deserved to taste these slices of heaven.

So, we deployed a search strategy and combined it with a disruptive content marketing approach that focused on how ALT made their unique pizza dough, which eventually created flavours unlike any other pizza brand.

We went out and shot each pizza to detail out the ingredients in it so that people could feel the taste of each slice through the pictures.