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From Fantasy to Reality – Exploring AR


Everyone who know us, know that we’re curious by nature. We can sit and observe the most random things and ask even more random questions about it. As Walt Disney also rightly said, ‘We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.’ So no one was amazed when we went to ABC and said, ‘Let’s create a freaking AR as part of our Halloween campaign’ 

The conversation started when we were thinking of ways to amplify our online engagement and experiment with a new format during Halloween and while talking, we realized no matter how scary a story is, the scariest thing for coffee drinkers is when they can’t find coffee when they wake up.

I mean, imagine a world without coffee. Ugh!! Chills already. 



So leveraging this thought, we created an AR filter, where we turned people into Frankenstein and much more. There’s nothing more liberating than creating something that people enjoy. This is how brands are built, by taking care of their people and giving them something to look forward to. Millennials love something that can help them express themselves and this is precisely what these filters did for them.  

What’s the next thing we’re working on you say? Well, that’s still a secret but it starts with a V and ends with and R and there’s nothing else in between. VR *cough cough* *Leaves the room*