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Jess Tang

Cat Cuddler, Whiskey Drinker

She is the co-founder and Advisor of Adtomica. She is currently heading the marketing for Zest Group as their CMO and before that, was the Global Marketing Innovation Lead at Johnson & Johnson for their consumer brands.

She lights up any room she walks into. Talk to her about anything under the sun and be prepared to become a part of an insightful conversation.

She has over a decade of experience in creating digital branding for clients, from strategy, channel planning, conceptualization to execution. Her career has allowed her the opportunity to work with several consumer brands.

Among other things, as an advisor, she gives great advice on what we should order to eat, where to party on a Friday night and boy troubles. Very few people know that she’s also an amazing wing woman.

She loves ideas, both big and small, and can spend hours looking at awesome pieces of communications. She has a strong belief in digital transformation and giving back to the community. She was recently named amongst the Holmes’ Report 25 innovators of Asia Pacific (2019)

Fun Fact: A proud cat mom who loves to dance with them. She skates, she drinks, she knows the lyrics of Badshah’s song – ‘Tera Buzz’ by heart.

Brands worked on: NIVEA, Carlsberg, Neutrogena, Shiseido, Clean & Clear, Far East Hospitality, Intel, Lenovo, ASUS, Johnson’s Baby, Listerine, Dr Ci Labo, 7UP

Regions worked for: Global