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The Lust for Travel

If I had all the money in the world…

I’d be a travel blogger. 

Let’s be honest – the hype around travel influencers is not going to die down soon. Their lives are amazing, right? Eat. Sleep. Travel. Repeat, and have a whole lot of fans who are obsessed over the experiences you document for them, so they can live vicariously through your channels.

Just watch KOLD – My Year 2016:



On this amazing video, he wrote: “2016 was a year that propelled my life in a direction i never thought possible. Now I’m in a different country every other week, meeting new people, seeing new things and experiencing a new adventure every single day. Thank you to everyone that made this year, a year to remember, especially @beautifuldestinations and everyone on the team @jeremyjauncy @tomjauncey and @jacob.”

While I love that tale, I hate it too. 

Mark Manson’s ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck’ really hit the nail on the head. Too many people are waiting for an idealised version of life that simply doesn’t exist equally for everyone. The only way to live, is to make the best of everyday the way you know how. Find happiness in non-travel, in everyday life. Because when we start tolerating the normalcy of everyday life, maybe finally we can find the jewels in the rough. 

Instead of lusting after great travels, lust after that morning coffee on a dreaded Monday morning. Lust for that stupid fight with a friend because we can be honest with each other. Lust for that tiring all-nighter because of the unreasonable boss, and then the look on the boss’s face when you finally walk out the door for a better life. 


That’s why content like these travel: 

Mature bag – because that’s really all we need sometimes, a bag that helps you score girls. 

Or that the most liked image on Instagram is an egg.

The glamour of travel resonates with some, speaks to many, and creates insane jealousy in others. The image of the egg on Instagram resonates with everyone who wants to give the middle finger to the psychological pressures risk-takers create by making unattainable videos of awesome lives online. 

So while we can make freaking amazing videos, we’re here for the people next door. We’re here to make stories that creates lust even for an egg.