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Shining bright at the Innovator 25 Asia-Pacific 2019 – Jess Tang

“Doing extraordinary things, innovative work, requires gut and grit” - Jess Tang

Yet another feather in her cap, our very own Jess Tang made us proud. Making ideas happen and leading the way through innovation, we’re so proud of Jess, who was named as one of the 25 Innovators in Asia-Pacific for 2019. In a conversation with the Holmes report, she talks about her journey in the Digital Industry and the way ahead. 

After serving as global innovation lead at Johnson & Johnson, Jess took on the CMO role at Zest Group earlier this year. She is also the co-founder and advisor of Adtomica and has spent much of her career in planning and innovation roles, including more than three years with Zeno.

Read as she talks about her journey in and around Digital innovations with The Holmes Report.