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The journey of Artisanal food to Design

In 2013, Artisan Boulangerie Co. started as a small neighbourhood bakery near Orchard Road that offered a variety of bread, pastries and morning treats with a focus on artisanal techniques with the highest quality ingredients. Soon after, they attracted a massive following for their delicious and wholesome food. 

As they became more and more popular, they decided to expand their ‘Made with love’ menu which included café classics and ‘bistro’ signature entrees.

Their food was without a doubt amazing. Hence, they were now looking for partners who could bring their food to life through strong communication and marketing strategies. 


I remember when I first entered an ABC store – You know that feeling when you see someone and you feel like butterflies inside your stomach? Yes, that feeling of falling in love with someone at first sight? Well, it was the same; it was just love at first smell.

Lord knows, we knew ABC and Adtomica were meant to be together because we take our art as seriously as they make their food.

To rejuvenate the brand strategy and design communication for ABC, we were asked to add a bit of creativity to the regular Instagram food images. So, we raised the visibility for ABC by starting with a brand refresh on all social channels – Creating and experimenting with disruptive content that was out-of-the-ordinary and captured the attention of people.  Static images to showcase the food and gifs/videos that brought the food to life. 


Over a period, we have become a core part of ABC’s marketing team and try to add a touch of Adtomica in each store and product launch. Be it wordplay with some of our favourite dishes or videos of drool-worthy desserts; we make sure to capture it all for the brand.

And needless to say, this love story is just going strong with each passing day.

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