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To be #Adtomic

In the end, we’re all living one life together.

The Adtomica dream is simply one thing: having a group of dreamers come together to make things happen. And the best thing about being a small team is that we get to define where we want to go, and how we want to progress. 



I’m not sure about other startups, but for us, success isn’t getting lots of money. I view success in a couple of ways: 

We’re always putting our best foot forward.

Things that make our eyes sparkle. Work we’re proud and excited to share. Stories we can’t wait to tell others about, and claim our involvement because we know that these are the things that can create actual emotion in this world. Experiences that make every moment on it worthwhile because we’ve created a word just slightly larger than life. 🙂 


We leave a better version of ourselves.

#agencylife has a bad rep. Imbalanced work-life, crazy client requests, bad bosses, alcohol and general dissatisfaction towards marred ideas due to unrealistic client inputs… there is a long list of things that would turn away prospective candidates of the industry. But I was blessed to have great mentors and bosses who paved the way for me to develop hard and soft skills like never before. With great challenges, come great developments. Adtomica puts this structure in place so everyone who enters gets guided in the right direction, towards where they want to be in life. (FYI – this is both work and personal goals alike. We have crazy fitness fanatics that make our employees work out as much as they work.) 


We do good

Not just good work. I genuinely believe that the most powerful thing we could do with our ability to create stories, is to help tell stories for people who need it. Help put more positivity into the world. Be there for the ones who require a champion, an advocate. That’s why we’re especially involved with Special Olympics, to help them make waves and spread their message further than ever.