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Visual Storytelling for ABC

It’s not enough to show up in search results when people Google places to eat. We need to use social tools to build communities of fans and be top-of-mind.

When we talk about designs, they are undoubtedly a great idea to create a brand image but, customers need to see the actual food that creates cravings. Posts that appeal to the senses, that makes your mouth water, trigger hunger and encourage people to go out, buy the product, and eat it – That is what we wanted to create for ABC through its photography. 

Making the product our hero! The moment you see an ad, you feel like getting in your car and buying that product. Hence, we took close-ups of all our drool-worthy dishes so you can see the colours and textures in such detail that your mouth starts to water. We’re literally drooling while writing this.

PSA: Do not scroll below if you’re hungry. Trust us, we started writing this empty-handed and now, we’re sitting with a bowl of pasta and some coffee from ABC!