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The Chameleons of Marketing

A heart with a passion for creativity and compassion for people.

Become a writer, they said. It will be fun, they said. Our copywriters are here to confirm that it is.  

By the way, when you scroll through the social media of our clients, it would seem like every piece of content for every brand is done by a different person. We’ll tell you exactly how we got there- smart copywriters!  

There are 50 qualities every copywriter MUST have. Starting with versatility. And 49 others.  

We serve a plethora of brands, some with a social cause, some educational, some quirky. What keeps us in business (and thriving) is hiring people who can slide into one personality from a whole different one within seconds (we’re all sane here, we promise!)  

Here’s an example for you-  


Two completely different brands, poles apart tones of voice, one copywriter. 

We’re realizing that this might be turning into an ode to our copywriters rather than a blog emphasizing on the importance of versatility in writing and frankly, we’re okay with that.  

The crux of it is, copy is powerful. It sets the tone and direction for your entire campaign. When it comes to writing, tone and style are just as important as grammar, spelling and sentence structure.  Copywriters have the power nobody else does and their weapon is their words. So, to all the copywriters out there- we see you, we appreciate you, we will try not to be scared of you after reading this blog. But most importantly, we realize what makes a copywriter more than just good. It’s versatility, in both style and form, to tailor their writing and fit every circumstance.