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We are opportunists and not sorry!

A heart with a passion for creativity and compassion for people.

Did you hear about the Camilla-Shawn breakup? Of course, you did, so did we. Did you know Adele’s fourth studio album ’30’ is finally here! This blog is not to inform you we will be on the couch, drinking wine with tissues nearby. But we will.  

In other news, did you know that the World’s Children’s Day was on the 20th? We did. These two pieces of news might seem unrelated to you, but they’re not for us! 

Let’s do a simple test! What are the last three pieces of content you remember consuming on social media and which brand posted them?  

Take a minute.  

In fact, take two. 

Can’t remember? That’s okay. You’re not alone! 

When you do, do this activity with your friends as well and you’ll find an insight. Everybody you’ll ask will have completely different memory of what they consumed, even if they live under the same roof or have similar interests. The reason is quite simple, really just three words- everybody is different. And therefore, as marketeers, we have to constantly keep up with the ongoing trends (not that we’re complaining!)  

At Adtomica, we cater to multiple brands, some with a social cause (Special Olympics) while some whose product offering is food (Zest), no wonder we’re either perpetually hungry or hustling, there’s no in between.  

Creating content for brands starts with us identifying and understanding their tone of voice, which is unique to each brand. While some are quirky, some are inspirational. Here’s an example to help you understand what we’re talking about. 




Same design team, same copy writer, different results – see it for yourself! This sense comes to us from not only understanding the brands and their tones of voice, but also the consumers they are creating content for. You can’t feed dog food to a cat (we do not plan to stop talking in metaphors any time soon). It’s simple really- content is king and engagement is queen. And to ensure we’re doing good with both; we need to have an understanding of the brand and its target audience. Because if we are just a series of forgettable experiences, we can never be a brand! 

And that’s why, we’re constantly on a lookout. From celebrity beefs to technological innovations. From education statistics to skincare trends. The hustle just never ends, and God forbid if it does!