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We don’t speak with a filter, we create ‘em

Just got back from our lip filler appointment. Self-acceptance struck. Try the Bratz Doll AR filter on Instagram. You’ll know what we’re talking about. 

Instagramming today is dominated by AR filters. Here are 3 out of 999 reasons why AR filters were going places even when we weren’t. And why they’re here to stay. 

Snackable, edutainment content redefined 

Adtomica believes in maximizing the two A’s for its clients, awareness, and audience. It’s all about smart work and an average engagement of 75 seconds, which the pioneers of social media marketing – AR filters provide. In those 75 seconds, the brand makes a mark on the user, while we sip our tea (or whiskey, on occasions) after delivering kickass work. 

Take the example of an AR filter on instagram done by us for our client, Human Race Asia, a non-profit organization that advocates for an inclusive world for people with intellectual disability. In this filter, we asked the online community to cross obstacles, symbolic in nature, from preconceived notions to societal boundaries. The reward? A feeling of liberation and being included in a cause greater than ourselves.  

AR filter for human race

They make you the star 

Of all the things AR filters have done for us, the most important is giving us experiences we didn’t know we longed for. Gamifying our social interactions, letting us try on lipstick shades to see how they’d look on us, changing our hair colors, teleporting us to France!  

While we’re the stars of marketing and you’re the stars of our content, let’s give you tax-free front-row passes to our client’s shows. Every little detail of an AR filter on Instagram or any other platform is tailor-made for you. You want a lightsaber? You got it. You want to party in Ibiza? Party till you drop. You want to teleport yourself to France? Allons en France. It’s you, it’s always been about you. 

Take a glimpse of how we made our Singaporean audience the stars in our AR Filter. They take pride in being Singaporeans. Us, being the rebellious bunch we are, wanted to put their patriotic side to a test. This AR filter we created for Fat Mario, a notorious Singaporean pasta brand, focused on the users and asked them yes/no questions about their country!  

Social Movement 

AR filters are not just a new fad that’ll disappear in a few years, they’re here and they’re here to stay, so get used to being thrown Gatorade on you during Superbowl or teleporting to the other side and have strange(r) things happen to you. They have now become a social movement. 

 In conclusion, started from the bottom, now we here.  

– AR Filters.  

Think of us when you use them. Or just think of us. While you’re at it, follow us on Instagram!