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What AI can do that you, probably, cannot

We’re Adtomica, we’re digital marketers trying to change the face of the game. We kick ass, but we’re also modest.

A wise (wo)man once said ‘You’re digital marketers. You’re not a doctor, you’re not gonna kill anyone’. She’s our co-founder. But you know what killed the Cryptomi-cats? Curiosity.

So, we dug up, found some insights, chatted with some AI here and there, and came to the painful conclusion that AI can, in fact, do things you can’t. We probably can, but you can’t. The modesty claim still stands true though. Focus word: probably.

1) Work round the ⏰: AI doesn’t need sleep. Or weekends. Or vacations. Or smoke breaks. Sad little life. It works non-stop to get the job done. Whether it’s analyzing data, creating content, or providing solutions, the workaholic’s always on the clock.

Truth is, AI might work round the clock to get shit done, but this world functions on emotions. Products and services aren’t sold, experiences are. Stories are. And that’s where the OG comes into play – your very own, homosapiens.

2) Process data at frightening, sorry, we meant lightning speed: AI processes vast amounts of data in seconds, allowing brands to make informed decisions about their marketing efforts.

But you know how ingredients just don’t make sense if they’re not put together to make a dish? That’s what humans do – find meaning from the data, combine it with their knowledge and experience and provide a strategy that just, well, works.

3) Personalize marketing efforts: AI can analyse customer behaviour and create highly personalized marketing experiences unique to each individual.

True. Agreed. Like Jake Peralta said – cool cool cool. AI’s revolutionary productivity and efficiency can, in fact, cater to every single individual’s needs and wants. But can AI understand and connect with the consumers of a brand on an emotional level? Can it bring a unique perspective and creativity that can’t be replicated? Can it be authentic? Can it have its own personal touch that makes customers feel valued?

So really, the question isn’t what AI can or cannot do. It’s what marketers can do with the help of AI, to bring a change in their consumers’ lives and to make their marketing initiatives more efficient and data-driven. It’s not a war, it’s a collaboration- like this blog, written collaboratively by a human and AI.

Drop us a DM if you’re interested in killing the half-dead curious cat with more interesting trends in the industry!